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Grace Baptist Church of Victoria

2731 Matson Rd, Victoria, BC

We are an independent Baptist congregation. Our philosophy of ministry centers around the biblical image of the church as a body. We are committed to building a body of genuine believers in Jesus Christ who seek to walk in faithful obedience to him.


Our pastor is Don Johnson.

Service Times

10 AM Morning Worship
11:30 AM Family Bible Study Classes
12:15 Lunch - everyone welcome
1:15 PM Afternoon Service

Wednesday Prayer and Bible Study: 7:00 PM

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Grace Baptist Church of Victoria

Our Distinctives

Each church has a unique 'personality' that is the product of its philosophy of ministry. What is a philosophy of ministry? It is the rationale for the way things are done in a local church.

To get a sense of our 'personality', have a look at our "Distinctives" pages - papers, sermons and articles that express our philosophy for worship and ministry.
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Grace Baptist Church of Victoria

Our Ministries

Our church is involved in various kinds of ministry intended to build up disciples of Jesus Christ. You can find information about our philosophy of ministry on the "Our Distinctives" pages.

On "Our Ministries" page, you will find a listing of the specifics of our ministry. We heavily emphasize preaching and teaching, but we try to do that in a context of body fellowship that honours the Lord and builds strong Christian relationships.

For an overview
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Grace Baptist Church of Victoria

Our Information

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Available Resources

Pilgrim's Progress study guides

Thru the Bible DVD
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