Mar 16 Study – Bud Talbert

March 16, 2008

Attitudes toward the Will of God (1) (Jn 4.34)

Our second session involved mostly a presentation of the new work our guest speaker is planning to begin, a Bible College ministry in Edmonton, Alberta. Foundation Institute is proposed as a means of furthering church planting in Western Canada and brother Talbert is the man who will lead that ministry.

Bro. Talbert also began a message concerning our attitude toward the will of God. Jesus said in Jn 4.34 that his meat was to do the will of God. The first implication of the passage is this: our attitude towards God’s will is that it must be more than our very life itself.

The message will be continued this Thursday evening in our mid-week service. We will post a copy of the conclusion then, but if you are in the area come join us for the service.


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