5.11.08 AM – Romans

May 11, 2008

The Sinfulness of Sin (Rm 1.18-3.20)

Our message is a preview of the whole section of Romans where Paul proves that all men are sinners without exception. First, Paul shows the downward spiral of sin, then proves that the moral man and the religious man are not immune from sin’s pervasive influence and condemnation. He argues that the Jews are privileged, but still sinners. He shows how the Scriptures indict every man. There is no escape, all are sinners. ‘But now,’ the next section will begin, ‘but now there is righteousness from God without law.’ As William Newell said, Paul’s indictment of sinners is not one of eternal damnation but one of at-the-present-moment under condemnation. There is hope, if the sinner will but now repent and believe.

Read the notes as you listen.


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