2.1.09 AM • Romans

February 1, 2009

The Source of a Reprobate Religious Mind (Rm 3.5-8)

Paul concludes his argument with the Religious man as he imagines the final objections of his Jewish opponent. Paul asserts that all men, Jews and Gentiles are alike under the judgement of God. The Religious man objects that this makes his religion pointless, that surely God will still keep his promises in spite of the unbelief of ‘some’ and finally that if God’s righteousness is magnified by man’s sin, surely God would be unjust to condemn man’s sin. In fact, the objector should say, we might as well sin the more, in order to make God look better. Paul strenuously dismisses these arguments as unworthy of any consideration. The Religious man stands subject to judgement as every other man.

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