2.1.09 PM • Communion

February 1, 2009

He is Unclean (Lev 13) [Communion: Leviticus]

In Lev 13, we find the first chapter of laws concerning leprosy. Our message gives some of the mundane organizational details of the chapter, then distinguishes what sort of diseases are in view in Lev 13-14. As most have come to believe, the ‘leprosy’ of these chapters could not have been what we know of today as leprosy. The diseases were less serious, and in some ways a bit more puzzling to us, considering the severe response of banishment from the community (Lev 13.45-46). As we close the message, we attempt to see the point: man in his uncleanness and sin is banished from the presence of God, but our sin-bearer, the one who heals our diseases, rips open the veil covering the Holy of holies, giving us the right of access to God.

Read the notes while you listen.


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