The Works of Salvation [Romans]

August 16, 2009

Rm 4.14

Today we take a bit of digression from our exposition to consider a topic suggested by a footnote in William R. Newell’s commentary on Romans. Our verse says that if law-works were able to save, faith would be emptied of value and the promise of God ‘put out of work’. Newell comments that God hates works and calls on us to consider instead the work of Christ on our behalf.

Our message today compares the works men offer with the work Christ has done and yet will do. All that men offer … ritual, church attendance, offerings, good deeds to other men … compared to what Christ offers … incarnation, vicarious atonement, exaltation and post-resurrection ministry of intercession, redemption and more, and the yet future consummation of all things … which do you think is more effective at eternally redeeming souls?

Read the notes while you listen.


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