new sermons page and podcast feed

December 24, 2009

We recently updated Our Sermons page with a new look plug-in for handling our sermon files. We are still working out a few tweaks both as to appearance and as to file handling, but we think this new setup will be an improvement. It will definitely be easier to use when uploading our sermons. The system will virtually pick out sermon title, speaker, and other metadata items automatically. We’ll just have to make a few clicks to identify a few other items not found in the metadata and we’ll be done.

I hope you find the new setup helpful. If you subscribe to our podcast, you will want to subscribe to our new feed.

Another feature of the sermon page is you will now have the ability to filter by date, speaker, series, Bible book, or any combination you like.

Let us know if you have any difficulty with any part of the new page.

Pastor Don


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