2.28.10 sermons

February 28, 2010

Our Sunday morning service sees us begin the next section of Romans:

The Connection between Sin and Death (Rm 5:12)

In the Bible study session, we conclude our recent study:

The Christian and Sin (3)

And in the afternoon service we take a look at what is a controversial subject (but really shouldn’t be!):

God Desires All to be Saved (1 Tim 2:3-4)


Not sure what happened to our Psalm from last week. I’ll update this once I find it.

2.21.10 messages of the week

February 22, 2010

Last Wednesday we looked at a unique Psalm with an abrupt ending:

Today, If You Will Hear My Voice (Ps 95:1-11)

Today we look at the marvelous gospel idea of the reconciliation:

The Ministry of Reconciliation (Rm 5:10-11, 2 Cor 5:17-21)

We also continue our Basic Theology series:

The Christian and Sin (2)

And we conclude by looking at two terms related to how the world views us, found in 1 Timothy 2.2:

Godliness and Dignity (1 Tim 2:2)

2.14.10 messages

February 14, 2010

Our Psalm from last Wednesday:

God of Vengeance (Ps 94:1-23)

Our Sunday Messages

Romans series:

Not Only This – Joy! (Rm 5:11)

Basic Theology resumed:

The Christian and Sin (1)

1 Timothy series:

Prayers for all Men (1 Tim 2:1-2)

messages to 2.7.10

February 7, 2010

Catching up with the Psalms, here are our last two studies:

A Song for the Sabbath (Ps 92:1-15)
The Lord Reigns (Ps 93:1-5)


Today’s Messages:

Back to Romans, we look at the present and future ministry of salvation to us by our Living Lord:

Saved by His Life (Rm 5:10)

We finish up our look at Tyndale’s Introduction to Romans:

Tyndale on Romans (6)

And we continue our communion series in Leviticus with a look at the festivals of Israel:

God’s Calendar (Lev 23:1-44)