3.21.10 sermons

March 22, 2010

And Death by Sin (Rm 5:12)

Today we look at a topic overlooked by the commentaries, but one critical to Biblical theology, the connection between sin and the broken universe in which we live. God did not create a universe of pain and suffering and has no intention of leaving it in its groanings. But it is human sin that brought all suffering and struggle into existence – putting the lie to any theory that insists on long ages for the earth’s existence.

Defining Godliness (1)

In this lesson we work at defining godliness. We start with understanding the word in its secular history, then start working through its use in the Pastoral Epistles and Peter to get a sense of its meaning in the Bible. This is part one of two parts.

The Man Christ Jesus (1 Tim 2:3, 1 Tim 2:5-6)

Our passage today teaches us that God not only desires to save all men but that he is able to save all men. This truth ought to motivate our prayers and our evangelism.


Our Wednesday (3.18.10) study of the Psalms:

Let the People Tremble (Ps 99:1-9)

Psalm 99 looks at the Lord in his ‘living throne’, surrounded by the cherubim, but located in Zion. It is this God who hears his priests, forgiving them and chastening them and who calls his people to worship him.


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