3.28.10 sermons

April 4, 2010

Sin is in the World (Rm 5:13-14)

Today we look at the evidence Paul offers to prove that all men sinned in Adam and are subject to death as a result. This evidence points to all men in our world today who have not heard the message of the gospel. We should have compassion on men around us because they are all likewise doomed by Adam’s sin (and their own).

Defining Godliness (2)

We conclude our effort at defining godliness. Godliness is a manner of life that is dominated by reverence for God that is displayed in respect for other men that is visible to outside observers and is not confused with worldliness.

Ordained a Preacher (1 Tim 2:7)

Paul offers the testimony of his transformed life as the final reason why we should be praying for all men, especially for their salvation.


Our Wednesday Psalm from 3.24.10

Make a Joyful Noise (Ps 100:1-5)

Our look at the 100th Psalm, the conclusion of the ‘God as King’ psalms (Ps 93, 95-100).


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