4.4.10 sermons

April 4, 2010

The Type of Him who was to Come (Rm 5:14)

For our Easter message, we consider the way in which Adam is a type of Christ and how Adam’s type-setting image had to be impressed into Christ for Christ to become the type-setter by which we can be rescued from Adam’s impression on us.

The Year of Jubilee (Lev 25:1-55)

Our communion sermon looks at the OT law of the Year of Jubilee and compares it to the Lord Jesus proclaiming the acceptable year of the Lord in his earthly ministry of releasing captives from sin.


We had no study time today, having a baptismal service with singing and testimonies instead. Praise the Lord for the testimony of his grace in the life of the one being baptized.


Our Wednesday 3.31.10 psalm

Good Intentions (Ps 101:1-8)

Our psalm represents David’s core values, values he ultimately failed to perfectly maintain. Human weakness in keeping even our own standards ought to impel us to the grace of God, for none of us can stand even by the law of self. And our psalm has a forward look to the perfect King, David’s son, Jesus Christ, who will one day establish a kingdom of perfect integrity.


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