6.27.10 sermons

June 27, 2010

Are You Dead to Sin? (Rm 6:1-2)

Paul is now transitioning from the doctrine of justification to a salvation-by-faith oriented understanding of the doctrine of sanctification. He begins by posing a question which exemplifies a misunderstanding (deliberate or by ignorance) of the doctine of justification: should we sin that grace might abound?

The Christian in the World (2)

Having defined the terms ‘godliness’, ‘worldly’, and ‘worldliness’, we now go on a survey that looks at what the Bible says about the Christian’s relationship to the world.

A Bishop’s Household (1 Tim 3:4-5)

We focus on just one qualification for a bishop in this message, the qualification that his household must be in order. The Bible ties the pastor’s management of the church with his management of his household. As such, God puts the children of the pastor in the "fishbowl" and makes their response to their father’s leadership a test of his church management ability.


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