6.6.10 sermons

June 6, 2010

From our Wednesday look at the psalms…

O give thanks to the Lord (Ps 106:1-48)

Our Psalm this week, like Ps 105, surveys the history of Israel, but in this psalm the perspective is not God’s great intervention on Israel’s behalf, but man’s consistent failure in spite of God’s great faithfulness. Yet the great assurance of the psalm is that the covenant keeping God will answer the pleas of his people. That’s grace!


One Act Plays (Rm 5:18-19)

We now get to the heart of Paul’s proof that Christ is able to transfer the many benefits of salvation to his many followers by the power of his one act of obedience. Christ’s ability to do this very great thing is shown by mere Adam’s power to transfer his sentence and his state to his many descendents as a result of his one act of sin. Christ’s one act of submission is profound in its power and overwhelming in its ability to transfer many blessings to many people, as many as will receive him.

A few thoughts concerning Baptism (Mt 28:18-20, Rm 6:3-5)

A brief message reviewing the essentials of the meaning and place of baptism, preached prior to a baptismal service.

And Last, on Vows (Lev 27:1-34)

Our last look at Leviticus covers a chapter that seems oddly out of place in the context of the book. The subject, however, is one which God takes seriously, the uttering of vows. Vows are costly and breaking them are costlier. We then look at a vow God took and how certain the performance of that vow makes us of our ultimate salvation in God’s firstborn, the One he dedicated to the ban, his firstfruits of a mighty inheritance.


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