8.1.10 sermons

August 1, 2010

From last Wednesday:

An Oracle to My Lord (2) (Ps 110:1-7)

We conclude our look at Ps 110, the most quoted psalm in the NT. It provides for us much foundational material for the doctrine of Christ, portraying him as King and Priest and conquering Warrior.


The Certainty of Complete Sanctification (Rm 6:5)

Today we look at another fact of the gospel that is a foundation for our sanctification, the certainty of our complete sanctification. Our complete sanctification will occur at our resurrection which is guaranteed by our present union with Christ. This fact ought to stimulate our commitment to persevere in the seemingly never-ending process of Know-Reckon-Yield-Obey which is the process of sanctifying faith.

Set Your Affections Above (2) (Col 3:1-17)

We conclude our godliness-worldliness study by looking at the direction our hearts ought to be pointed. Rather than be captivate by the world’s thinking and values, we need to set our mindes on ‘above things’, on the things of Christ and the life of Christ.

Despise ye the Church of God? (1 Cor 11:20-22)

The Corinthian church were guilty of a serious breach in their fellowship that turned what should have been the Lord’s Supper into One’s Own Supper. By their selfishness and divisions, they earned Paul’s sharp rebuke and the searching question, Despise ye the Church of God?


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