8.15.10 sermons

August 22, 2010

Wednesday 8/11 message:

Blessed is the man who fears the Lord (Ps 112:1-10)

This second consecutive ‘Hallelujah’ psalm deals with the blessednesses of a man who fears the Lord. The Lord’s blessing is no snare, for this man knows how to use the wealth God may give as a blessing to others.

Sunday 8/15 messages:

The Foundation of Life: You’re Dead (Rm 6:1-7)

Rm 6.7 gives us the foundation principle of the sanctified life. It is the idea upon which sanctification is built.That is, the believer is the one who is dead and thus freed from sin. We discuss how Rm 6.1-6 develops this idea and why it is that this idea makes us free indeed from the controlling power of sin.

Applied Christian Living

In this session of our series we review some of the principles and definitions we discovered concerning Godliness and Worldliness. We also discuss how to apply these principles to every day Christian living.

A Life Fulfilled (Ruth 1:1-22)

Our pastor’s son, Rory, preached on the ‘ever after’ stories of Naomi and Ruth. The way to a fulfilled life, in spite of hardships, is to make Naomi’s God ‘my God’, as Ruth did. In that personal relationship with God lies the blessing of the truly fulfilled life.


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