8.22.10 sermons

August 22, 2010

Wednesday 8/18 message

Praise the name of the Lord (Ps 113:1-9)

Our psalm this week is the first of the Passover psalms, one that first praises God in His transcendance over all, He is above all, then praises God in his condescension to man, reaching down to man in his deepest needs.

Sunday 8/22 messages

Would God Attend Our Church? (Acts 11:19-26)

Guest Speaker: Kevin Brosnan

Bro. Brosnan challenged us about the character of our church from a look at the first Gentile church, the church of Antioch as seen in Acts 11. The first Gentile church was made up of genuine believers, led by a fervent God-called pastor, and completely transformed by the life changing power of God in their midst.

Worldliness: Other Perspectives and Applications (1)

In this lesson, we begin to check our work in understanding godliness and worldliness by looking at some thoughts from the writings of others. The key distinctions we note today is that godliness (and ungodliness) have to do with external behaviour primarily while worldliness is a matter of the heart and the inner man.

Developing Devotion to God (Deut 10:12-11:1)

Guest Speaker: Kevin Brosnan

Bro. Brosnan ministered to us from Dt 10 on key principles for developing devotion to God. We need to hold fear and love in balance and from there cleave to our great God who is so magnificent and has done so much for us.


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