8.29.10 sermons

August 29, 2010

Last Wednesday’s study

When Israel went forth from Egypt (Ps 114:1-8)

Ps 114 compresses the Exodus into a series of three shattering acts of God. The psalm sees God as the mighty one who turns deserts into pools of water. We are called to fear and follow before this great and gracious God.

Sunday services

Wake Up! (Rm 13:11-14)

Guest Speaker Todd Sivnksty

Evangelist Todd Sivnksty challenges us to be alert to our own spiritual condition and the needs of people around us, especially their spiritual needs.

Worldliness: Other Perspectives and Applications (2)

We continue to look at the definitions and applications of other Christians in order to demonstrate that our conclusions concerning worldliness and godliness are in keeping with proper interpretation of the Bible. Today we look at some comments from an article on Separation from the World as well as several old Baptist Church Covenants that illustrate how Christians have applied the principles we are teaching.

These have been bidden (Lk 14:12-24)

Guest Speaker Todd Sivnksty

Evangelist Todd Sivnksty encourages to witness and keep on witnessing to those we have spoken to before, to our acquaintances and even to chance encounters with lost folks all around us.


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