8.8.10 sermons

August 8, 2010

Wednesday Psalm (Aug 4, 2010)

I will give thanks to the Lord (Ps 111:1-10)

This psalm is an acrostic, a companion psalm to Ps 112. The theme of this psalm is the great works of God for which the psalmist offers his wholehearted praise.

Sunday Sermons

No Longer Slaves to Sin (Rm 6:6)

Another truth that forms the foundation of sanctifying faith is the truth that our old man was crucified with Christ. What that means is that our old sinful self is really done away and a new self re-created in Christ Jesus has been formed. We now have spiritual desires and are freed from slavery to sin because sin that used to dominate us has been rendered ineffective by the death of the old man.

Vigorous Christianity

To conclude our Godliness and Worldliness series we went through an article available here on our website under "Our Distinctives". The article is about "Vigorous Christianity" and it sums up our philosophy and approach to involvement in the world.

The Marriage Covenant (Mt 19:1-12)

Today we look at the centerpiece of Biblical teaching concerning marriage found in Mt 19.1-12. We are taking a digression to deal with Biblical teaching about marriage as we wrap up our discussion of bishops and deacons and the requirement that they be ‘one-woman men’. We want a thorough understanding of marriage to inform our views of this qualification. The centerpiece of Biblical teaching on marriage is the idea that marriage is a covenant made before God who then supernaturally joins the couple together. Violation of this covenant is far more serious than breaking a mere human contract.


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