9.12.10 sermons

September 13, 2010

Last Wednesday:

All Glory to Your Name, O Lord (Ps 115:1-18)

This Psalm is likely an antiphonal psalm. We did a responsive reading from it to begin the service. The psalm contrasts the utter uselessness of idols with the blessedness from the Lord for all who serve Him.

Sunday messages:

No Longer Under Sin (Rm 6:9-10)

In these verses we see the transition the Lord Jesus Christ made as he moved from the dominion of death (submitted to voluntarily) to the freedom of life unto God. He becomes the pattern and the hope of sanctification for all who believe.

Worldliness: Other Perspectives and Applications (4)

We continue to look at the definitions and applications of other Christians in order to demonstrate that our conclusions concerning worldliness and godliness are in keeping with proper interpretation of the Bible. Today we look at some comments from an article on Separation from the World as well as several old Baptist Church Covenants that illustrate how Christians have applied the principles we are teaching.

Gaining a ‘Good Step’ (1 Tim 3:13)

For deacons, and for all Christians who serve well, we see there is a reward of good standing in the Christian community and personal confidence in the faith. We are challenged to pursue that good standing and that confidence by the examples of Stephen and Philip.


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