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September 22, 2010

Last Wednesday

I Love the Lord (Ps 116:1-19)

Ps 116 is a glorious testimony psalm, the commitment psalm of a needy man delivered by the Lord. All who have been delivered from sin and hell ought to make it their own testimony of dedication to serve the Lord not just with forms but with one’s whole life.

Sunday’s Messages

Reckoning: the Key to Victory over Sin (Rm 6:11)

The pivotal point of sanctification is to understand the operation of sanctifying faith. Just as God reckons Christ’s righteousness to us and our sin to Christ in justification, we are to reckon ourselves dead to sin (based on the fact that we are united with Christ in his cross in death) and to reckon ourselves alive to God. This is an imitation of Christ’s present life lived before God in heaven and is our prospect in the future based on our salvation in Christ, our new head and our second Adam.

Worldliness: Other Perspectives and Applications (5)

We continue to look at the definitions and applications of other Christians in order to demonstrate that our conclusions concerning worldliness and godliness are in keeping with proper interpretation of the Bible. Today we look at some comments from an article on Separation from the World as well as several old Baptist Church Covenants that illustrate how Christians have applied the principles we are teaching.

Conduct in the Church of the Living God (1 Tim 3:14-15)

Paul’s purpose for writing 1 Timothy is expressed in terms of conduct for the church of the living God. The church is to follow Paul’s terms as a household of God, fulfilling God’s mandates in a family atmosphere and as the pillar and ground of the truth, the bulwark and repository of faith, holding fast to the true doctrine of Christ and the apostles.


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