9.26.10 sermons

September 26, 2010

Last Wednesday:

Lovingkindness for all Nations Forever (Ps 117:1-2)

The shortest psalm sits in the center of the Bible, and has a tremendous reach, as Derek Kidner says. It reaches to the ends of the earth as the lovingkindness of God is extolled.

Sunday sermons:

The Objective of Sanctification (Rm 6:12)

In this message we deal with the objective of sanctification (complete turning away from sin) and the reasons why sanctification turns into a struggle – we are dealing with a frail body beset by corrupt desires.

The Person of the Incarnate Christ (1)

We begin a look at the theology represented by the person of Christ, fully God and fully man in one person. Today we look at his claims to deity and begin to look at names given him that speak of his deity.

The Mystery of Godliness (1 Tim 3:16)

Today’s message covers the magnificent remnant of an early hymn exalting the doctrine of Christ which is the mystery which produces true godliness in the heart of a believer


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