9.5.10 sermons

September 6, 2010

We Believe – Do We? (Rm 6:8)

One unfailing consequence of union with Christ in his death to sin is faith in the life with him that we shall have. If you lack confidence of this future life for yourself, it calls into question the nature of your union with him.

Worldliness: Other Perspectives and Applications (3)

We continue to look at the definitions and applications of other Christians in order to demonstrate that our conclusions concerning worldliness and godliness are in keeping with proper interpretation of the Bible. Today we look at some comments from an article on Separation from the World as well as several old Baptist Church Covenants that illustrate how Christians have applied the principles we are teaching.

Getting it Right – Communion Christ’s Way (1 Cor 11:23-26)

In this message we look at Paul’s record of Christ’s institution of the Communion service, highlighting what the Lord Jesus thinks is important and emphasizing what it means if Christians get Christ wrong with this essential Christian rite.


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