10.10.10 sermons

October 10, 2010


Survey of Judges

Norman Burgess, one of our local men, gave a survey of Judges for our Wednesday study.


Foundations of Sanctification (Rm 6:14)

The reasons for our sanctifying faith lie in the two foundation stones we find in today’s passage: we certainly are not any longer under the dominion of sin and we are no longer under law but under grace.

The Person of Christ Incarnate (3)

In this lesson we emphasize various points about the union of the Divine and human characteristics of Christ in the one Person, Jesus Christ the Son of God.

Marks of Cultic Departures (1 Tim 4:1-3)

We contrast Paul’s sublime teaching of the doctrine of Christ in 1 Tim 3.16 with the gritty reality of dealing with apostates in 1 Tim 4.1-3. The reality is that apostasy will constantly plague the church until Jesus comes. This passage identifies some characteristics of apostasy.


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