Who Needs Lordship Salvation?

November 14, 2010

And other sermons from 11.14.10

Who Needs Lordship Salvation? (Rm 6:15)

In this message we examine the questions Paul raises as objections to the doctrine of salvation by faith alone through Romans 1-6. These objections suggest the concerns raised by the Lordship salvation debate. We attempt to navigate between both ‘sides’ and present a scriptural approach to the doctrine of salvation.

The Person of Christ Incarnate (4)

In this lesson we emphasize various points about the union of the Divine and human characteristics of Christ in the one Person, Jesus Christ the Son of God. Our concluding lesson lists some of the heresies concerning the person of Christ that the church fought out in the first five centuries of church history.

Eat Meat! (or – The Quirks of the Cults) (1 Tim 4:3-5)

In this message we consider two particular cultic asceticisms (forbidding marriage and meats) which are marks of the ‘special knowledge’ that cults and cultic personalities seem to delight in. The message is designed to aid discernment and warn against delight in special interpretations of the Scripture.


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