The Seed of Abraham, and other messages–12.12.10

December 12, 2010

Wednesday, Dec 8:

Our Help is in the Name (Ps 124:1-8)

The central theme of Ps 124, as in many psalms, is faith in the name of the Lord. David paints vivid word pictures of the overwhelming enemies who would take him in the nation, but these are nothing because it is the Lord who has helped us.

Sunday, Dec 12:

The Seed of Abraham (Gal 3:16, Gen 22:15-18)

We show how Christ is the focal point of the Abrahamic covenant, as pointed out by Paul in Gal 3.16 and as revealed in the typology of Abraham offering Isaac, the place where the Abrahamic Covenant specifically promises blessing to ALL NATIONS because of Abraham’s obedience.

Church Ethics (1)

In today’s lesson we take a look at a document establishing standards of conduct in the IFCA International. We discuss the personal responsibilities of the Christian in today’s session.

The Manner of the Minister (1 Tim 5:1-2)

Our passage today calls the minister to a particular attitude in ministry. The minister must not be one who uses words as a club, but one who comes along side with admonition, with entreaty, with correction by means of the Word. All this must be conducted in purity, especially when ministering the Word to women.


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