The Seed of the Woman (12.5.10)

December 5, 2010

The Seed of the Woman (Gen 3:15)

Our first Christmas message of 2010 looks at three necessities found in Gen 3.15: the seed of the woman must be Human; the seed must be Virgin born; and the seed must be Victorious.

The Self-Emptying of Christ (Phil 2:5-11)

This lesson deals with carefully defining the doctrine of kenosis, or self-emptying, as described in Phil 2.5-11. We attempt to say what the Bible says and not go beyond it in trying to explain every detail. There is danger in saying too much, more than the Bible says, about the emptying in order that Christ be able to die for us.

The Cup of Blessing Which we Bless (1 Cor 10:16)

This communion message emphasizes the idea of ‘fellowship’ and the things we share in common with the Lord Jesus Christ and indeed the whole Trinity.


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