completing The Exchange

February 11, 2011

Our week of intensive training in The Exchange has come to a close. What a great week of learning and growing! Some of us feel stretched a little beyond our ability. That’s fine! The Exchange is not about our ability, but about the power of God to change lives.

The headline for this article is ‘completing The Exchange’. That doesn’t mean we completed The Exchange the moment our last class ended. In a way, The Exchange will never be completed.  We will always be completing it.

We will be completing it as we keep our minds oriented to directing conversations to the Theme of Themes. We will be completing it as we keep befriending others who desperately need The Exchange.

Let’s encourage one another and look for opportunities to share The Exchange with our friends, neighbours, acquaintances and even those ‘chance’ meetings we may have with friends who have been strangers up till now.

Here is our friend Jeff Musgrave, reminding us again of the content of The Exchange.


Pastor Don

Jer 33.3