Are Leggings Modest?

February 28, 2015

Pastor Don Johnson

A friend of mine launched a bit of controversy on his Facebook page when he made a comment about ‘leggings,’ expressing his opinion that such articles are immodest. The discussion that ensued debated whether such items were in fact immodest. The debaters also discussed whether it was the responsibility of women to protect the weakness of the male mind when it comes to their clothing choices. As in all such conversations, a lot of opinions were thrown around, with little appeal to the Scriptures.

The discussion got me thinking. What is immodesty and why is it a concern for Bible-believing Christians? How should we apply the passages that call for modest clothing? Ultimately, can we as Bible-believers determine whether a particular style is immodest by definition and call for a ban? (The article in question, ‘leggings,’ could serve as an example.)

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