Foundations of a Biblical World View

October 13, 2015

Our special guest for our Thanksgiving weekend was our friend Mark Ward. Mark recently moved to Mount Vernon, WA, to work at Logos Bible Software and serve in Cornerstone Baptist Church of Anacortes. Mark most lately lived in Greenville, SC, where he worked for BJUPress. He is the author of a new textbook, Biblical Worldview created for the 12th grade curriculum.

The messages this weekend were very condensed lessons from this material, filled with sound Biblical reasoning and profound concepts that apply to how we see and relate to our world. You can find the sermons in our audio section, but we want to make them easily accessible in one place so are placing links here.

Foundations of a Biblical World View – Creation

The foundation of a right view of the world is acknowledgement of our obligation to the Creator God who made us all.

Foundations of a Biblical World View – Fall

The second pillar of the Biblical world view is to see the problem of pain as a consequence of the fall, a truth known only through submitting to the teaching of the Bible.

Foundations of a Biblical World View – Redemption

The last pillar in a Biblical worldview is Redemption. God did not leave the world to fend for itself but made a way for a broken world to be reconciled to him and redeemed from its sins.