Foundations of a Biblical World View

October 13, 2015

Our special guest for our Thanksgiving weekend was our friend Mark Ward. Mark recently moved to Mount Vernon, WA, to work at Logos Bible Software and serve in Cornerstone Baptist Church of Anacortes. Mark most lately lived in Greenville, SC, where he worked for BJUPress. He is the author of a new textbook, Biblical Worldview created for the 12th grade curriculum.

The messages this weekend were very condensed lessons from this material, filled with sound Biblical reasoning and profound concepts that apply to how we see and relate to our world. You can find the sermons in our audio section, but we want to make them easily accessible in one place so are placing links here.

Foundations of a Biblical World View – Creation

The foundation of a right view of the world is acknowledgement of our obligation to the Creator God who made us all.

Foundations of a Biblical World View – Fall

The second pillar of the Biblical world view is to see the problem of pain as a consequence of the fall, a truth known only through submitting to the teaching of the Bible.

Foundations of a Biblical World View – Redemption

The last pillar in a Biblical worldview is Redemption. God did not leave the world to fend for itself but made a way for a broken world to be reconciled to him and redeemed from its sins.

Are Leggings Modest?

February 28, 2015

Pastor Don Johnson

A friend of mine launched a bit of controversy on his Facebook page when he made a comment about ‘leggings,’ expressing his opinion that such articles are immodest. The discussion that ensued debated whether such items were in fact immodest. The debaters also discussed whether it was the responsibility of women to protect the weakness of the male mind when it comes to their clothing choices. As in all such conversations, a lot of opinions were thrown around, with little appeal to the Scriptures.

The discussion got me thinking. What is immodesty and why is it a concern for Bible-believing Christians? How should we apply the passages that call for modest clothing? Ultimately, can we as Bible-believers determine whether a particular style is immodest by definition and call for a ban? (The article in question, ‘leggings,’ could serve as an example.)

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Cogitations: Tithing

January 4, 2015

Cogitations – Dr. Van’s Viewpoint

written or collected by the late Dr. Warren Vanhetloo

Bring all your tithes unto My storehouse (Mal 3:10).

Query on Tithing: Dr. Van, How is it that some preach the importance of tithing and yet say that we are no longer under the law?

Note from Pastor Don: I include this Cogitation even though I would not answer the question exactly the same way Dr. Van does. I do so because there is a variety of teaching on this subject, the differences are not such as should divide brethren, it is good to think about different perspectives, and much of what Dr. Van says is profitable. I will add my thoughts to the end of the piece.

Response (Dr. Van): As I recall, a Bible dictionary listed thirteen different ways the words for law are used in Scripture. There are not different Hebrew or Greek words to help distinguish these. Context is usually clear enough. For purposes of answering this inquiry, three uses are helpful: ceremonial law, civil law, and moral law.

Ceremony has to do with practices of worship or principles of worship. Extensive instruction was given to Moses on Sinai, but there were patterns of worship prior to that, including the giving of tithes (Gen 14:20). The principle of giving one tenth to God may have been from creation. Detail of tithing directly involved with the Tabernacle/Temple was fulfilled by Jesus (Matt 5:17). Things distinctive to the Mosaic instruction do not carry over to the present dispensation unless specifically named. Read more

Upcoming Church History block class with Duncan Johnson

June 23, 2014

As our regular attenders know, we are planning to host a block class from Foundation Baptist College with Duncan Johnson – July 7-12, evenings on weeknights from 7pm with an all day Saturday session beginning at 8:00 AM.

A continental breakfast will be provided for Saturday AM, bring your own lunch for the noon meal.

The textbook for the class is

Turning Points: Decisive Moments in the History of Christianity
Mark Noll

Here is a link to purchase the Kindle edition (available at, you must set your Kindle to be able to get titles) and here is a link to purchase the paperback edition.

You do not need a Kindle to order a Kindle book. You can download (free) a reader for a PC or a Mac.

Cecil Carrol Funeral

March 3, 2013

Our dear brother and friend passed away this morning at 11:10 am, just as we were concluding our morning service. He passed into the Lord’s presence peacefully after having a struggle with a last illness these last couple of weeks.

The funeral will be at McCall’s on Friday, March 8 at 1:00 pm. (1400 Vancouver Street, Victoria, BC V8V 3W3)

Coincidentally, we learned this afternoon that former member Jack Baker passed away today as well. The Baker’s were living in Ontario.

Pastor Don

UPDATE: Audio for the service available here.

Sermons working–technical difficulties over!

February 27, 2013

For anyone keeping track, and as a test to see if our ‘blogging’ is still working, we have overcome the technical difficulties that prevented us from posting new sermons. The way we fixed it was simply moving our site to a new hosting provider. Hopefully our site should respond a little faster now as well.

I just posted today (Feb 27, 2013) our message from October 17, 2012 on Isaiah 21. You can see we have a few months of sermons to catch up on. As I have time, I’ll be adding the lot to the mix. Those who follow us may feel overwhelmed, but I am anxious to get caught up, especially to get up some recent messages by our good friend Dr. Fred Moritz.

Stay tuned! It is great to have everything working again.

Pastor Don

Technical Difficulties

October 31, 2012

We are having some problems adding new sermons to our database. Hopefully we can get this resolved soon so that we can publish our backlog!

Pastor Don

Choir of Creation – Ps 148

July 24, 2011

We are nearing the end of our study of the Psalms. Just two more to go! Tonight’s offering was Ps 148, a beautifully crafted psalm, full of powerful thoughts concerning God and his relationship to his people. As I presented the material, I felt a little ‘flat’, not as engaged as I had anticipated in the study. As I was thinking the process over, I thought that this was one psalm that could have used some visual aids and perhaps a bit different style. I alternate between a preaching style and a ‘Question/Answer’ style for the Psalms. (The Q & A style is also known as “read my mind”, since I seem to come up with incredibly obscure questions. I need to learn how to write leading questions!)

Psalm 148 is called the Choir of Creation by Derek Kidner, one of the supreme commentators on the Psalms. His little work is just outstanding and has taught me an incredible amount about Hebrew poetry and how to pick out the features of the psalms, not to mention keen insights into each individual psalm.

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changes at our site

January 2, 2011

You may have noticed a few changes at our site in the last week or so. It appears that these happen most when the pastor’s sons are home for Christmas and can help him tinker!

We’d like to point out our recent changes to help you understand them better.

In the past, we have used the upper right section of our site for the ‘blog’ updates. Here we have been giving the sermon summaries and occasional announcements. This was the primary place for finding recent sermons when we started the site. We also had a system of indexing sermons by category something that appears in the menu bar above.

Last year, we added the Sermon Browser plug-in which is accessed by the “Our Sermons” menu item. Sometimes we would delay posting a sermon summary, even though the sermon itself was posted in the Sermon Browser. The Sermon Browser makes updating our sermons very easy, but it wasn’t as easy to find as we would like it to be.

So we have divided our ‘upper right’ section to give you a feed directly from Sermon Browser of our Recent Sermons as they come on line and links to our Recent Blog Posts so that we can pass along announcements and devotional writing. We’d like to make the ‘blog’ section of our site a more regular feature than in the past to make our site even more helpful for you. We plan to simplify our categories above to make navigation of our site a little simpler and reduce the clutter of our menus.

Finally, we have added a Facebook page for our church. We aren’t sure that everyone should be on Facebook, but it is very widely used and can be a way for people to become aware of our doings at church, especially friends of our church people who wouldn’t normally look at a church website. So you will see a button on our Home Page to ‘Find us on Facebook’ and links in our menu bar to our Facebook page and to our RSS feeds for our sermons and our blog posts.

That wraps up the changes for this year. We are sure things will keep on changing as time goes on!

~ Pastor Don

The Seed of Life (12.26.10)

December 26, 2010

The Seed of Life (Mt 13:3-9)

We conclude our Christmas series with the realization that every one of the promises of God that we looked at still await some fulfillment. In the meantime, the seed of life remains to be sown, the sure word of God that promises yet that future fulfillment and consummation of all things that is to come. Be ye hearers and sowers of that seed.

A Great Invitation (Isa 55:1-13)

Duncan Johnson

Our pastors son, Duncan Johnson, brought us the wonderful promises of Isa 55 today. He reminds us that all need to hear and take advantage of the blessing promised by God for the obedient and repentant soul who is willing to think after God’s thoughts instead of persist in his own self-righteousness.

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