Bible Reading

We encourage daily Bible reading. You can find various schedules all around the internet, you should search around to find one that might suit your interests and habits.

A few years ago, we did a chronological Bible study in our church (see our page Thru the Bible). From that study, our pastor has adapted a year-long chronological Bible reading plan including “flex days” each Sunday (for catching up, mostly… we are human!). The important thing in Bible reading is not that you complete the Bible in a year but that you have regular Bible reading habits. Still, we think the chronological approach has some interest in seeing the Bible story develop in order before your eyes. If you can do it in a year, so much the better. We offer our schedule here as a suggestion, hopefully you find it helpful.

One note: in the New Testament, we basically followed the Harmony of the Gospels published in Nelson’s Bible Handbook. Then we adapted it to include only the Synoptic Gospels to start the New Testament. John’s Gospel was put at the end for two reasons. When we were preaching through the chronological New Testament that year, it allowed us to hit the resurrection at Easter, which seemed appropriate. The second reason is that John’s Gospel was written last (we think about the year 80 AD). It represents the reflections of a seasoned apostle after the first generation of the church has mostly passed from the scene. As such, it is appropriate to think about the Gospel again, just as the New Testament is closing.

2017 Chronological Schedule (pdf format on 8.5 x 14 paper)

2017 Chronological source files (for you to manipulate/format on your own paper)