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Our Ministries

It might seem somewhat pretentious for a small church to list its ministries. Nevertheless, our purpose with this page is to acquaint you with the things we do to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and thereby make disciples for him.

Our primary emphasis is Bible preaching and teaching (see our Preaching Philosophy pages) as the primary means for making disciples. Bible preaching and teaching take place in various settings, some of which we highlight below.

In addition to Bible preaching and teaching, our ministry is built around the idea of the church as a 'body', using the metaphor found in Ephesians 1.22-23:

And He put all things in subjection under His feet, and gave Him as head over all things to the church, which is His body, the fullness of Him who fills all in all.

As the body of Christ, we endeavour to build relationships among our members through various activities and fellowships. We want to help one another, using individual strengths to build up the weaknesses of others, while receiving a like ministry from the strengths of others. By mutual encouragement, our desire is for each of us to be drawn closer to the image of Jesus Christ.

Our Ministries


Regular Sunday Services

Our Sunday services are devoted to regular Bible preaching and teaching. We emphasize expository preaching (see our Preaching Philosophy pages) and are usually occupied with at least one major expositional series.

Currently, our main preaching series is taking us through the book of Romans, the pivotal New Testament book expounding the good news of our salvation in Jesus Christ.

Bible Study and Sunday School

Each Sunday morning following our Worship service, we have a session of Bible study for our adults and teens. Our format is less formal and more participatory. We are systematically working through topics for Christian thinking and living. Currently our topic involves a course of study following Charles Ryrie’s Basic Theology as our guide.

Our little children are engaged in our morning sessions with Junior Church and Sunday School. We especially want to introduce them to the themes of the Bible and train them in understanding Bible truths at a level geared to them. Our current Sunday School is quite small, which means lots of individual attention for our little ones!

Wednesday Bible Study and Prayer Meeting

  • We meet every Wednesday evening in a much less formal gathering for Bible study and prayer.

Prayer is vital for every church. Wednesday evening is the main opportunity for our people to share prayer requests. We always include a session of prayer in these meetings to bring our requests directly to the Lord.

Other Ministry Meetings

  • Monthly Men’s Breakfast – our men meet at 8:30 am on the first Saturday of every month at the church for health food (!) and Bible study.

Building Body Relationships

Sunday Lunch – a family affair

Our Sunday schedule is designed so that we finish our day in the afternoon instead of returning for an evening service. To accommodate our early departure, we have lunch together every week. Our ladies bring a bit of something for lunch – we always seem to have something left over, so come join us! Baptists don’t have sacraments, but there does seem to be a great blessing in store for us as we fellowship together over food!

Annual banquets and fellowships

Summer Picnic – our schedule has varied over the last few years, but we like to plan for an annual summer picnic, often near or on Canada Day. The more kids we can gather, the better it is with old fashioned sack races and similar games.

Thanksgiving Dinner – Thanksgiving comes on the second Monday of October of every year. Nothing pleases us better than to have a full turkey dinner with all the trimmings and a service of Thanksgiving to give glory to the Lord.

New Years Eve Fellowship – the last night of the year is our night for food, games, and fellowship. We always include Sjoul Bak, a Dutch game that we call “Dutch Shuffleboard”. You can see some pictures of this in our Photo Gallery. In addition, there are many other favourite table games that make the night a long time tradition in our assembly.


We believe that every church, no matter how small, should support missions. Our church sets aside 10% of our giving for missions. Currently we support the following missionaries:


  • Warren & Gayle Compton, Selawik, Alaska
  • Darren & Elizabeth Hammermeister, Surrey, BC, Canada
  • Steve & Brenda Faucette, Laval, Quebec, Canada
  • Brad & Martha Fleck, Marshall Islands
  • Scott & Meleah Holloway, Kindersley, SK, Canada

In addition to these missionaries, we also make it our habit to regularly pray for these missionary families:

  • Tim & Cynthia Peterson, Germany
  • Scott & Kristie Dean, Mongolia
  • Ganpurev, Mongolia

More Information

For more information about our ministry, you may contact us by e-mailing Pastor Don. For contact by regular mail or telephone please see our Contact Us page.